Roe 8 finally halted

The new Labor government in WA has halted work on Roe 8. The many years of community opposition to this flawed project have finally prevailed. While Roe 8 was only one factor in the election, it was sufficiently important for the Premier-elect to mention in his first press conference and to take action about on his first day. Although this is only the first stage of ending the project, no further clearing will take place in the road reserve.  Save Beeliar Wetlands thanks all supporters who made this outcome possible.

Following the end of the Roe 8 highway project, community members are keen to rehabilitate as soon as possible. Currently advice is being sought from rehabilitation experts in our wider community on the best options for success. Please stay tuned for more information about how you can be involved and hold off planting just for a while. You can help right now by:

  • Leaving any remaining fences upright to protect sites
  • Cleaning your shoes to avoid spreading dieback spores from one site to another
  • Avoiding spreading mulch and debris around the sites

The Cockburn Community Wildlife Corridor is a community organisation that will be involved in recovery of the Roe 8 Reserve as part of their plan to establish a wildlife corridor of remnant bushland. You can sign up for updates or to volunteer at

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