Clearing Proceeding at Fast Pace – Act Now

Clearing Proceeding at Fast Pace

The entire Coolbellup Woodland has now been cleared and mulched. This week clearing has taken place on Baker Court, near Bibra Lake and well into the wetlands of North Lake Reserve. Fencing extends right through the wetland to Bibra Drive and fencing commenced today on Forrest Road. Numerous breaches of compliance with management plans have been observed, from lack of dust control to inadequate wildlife trapping leading to deaths. Thousands of protestors have now visited the clearing sites to witness first-hand the destruction taking place. Please visit our take action page for details of who to contact to express your objection. Please contact the federal Minister for the Environment and Energy, Josh Frydenberg, who has the power to halt the clearing for non-compliance with conditions of approval. There is still a large area of species rich wetland and woodland that can be saved if enough people take action.

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