Campaign Timelines

In late 2010 our campaign and its supporters provided the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) with one of the state’s largest numbers of submissions to a Public Environmental Review (PER). Due to this and to other unidentified reasons the proponent has extended the time that it has to adequately respond to the EPA about the submissions by almost 6 months.

The EPA has now received a response from the proponent, however the EPA has not deemed this to be an adequate response and have provided the proponent with a detailed explanation as to why it is not acceptable. The EPA awaits another response from the proponent.
Once this has been deemed adequate the EPA board will make a decision about the environmental acceptability of the proposed highway. Although there will be a chance to appeal the EPA’s decision, the Minister for Transport, the Hon. Troy Buswell MLA will make the final decision on whether the proposed Roe8 Highway will go ahead.

The minister has publically stated that he will abide by the decision of EPA which has previously described similar proposals to build a highway through the wetlands as ‘environmentally unacceptable’.  We await further environmental approvals processes, however, and in any case, the campaign’s central and abiding aim is to remove the relevant areas of Bibra and North Lakes from the Metropolitan Regions Scheme and the road reserve forever.

In the meantime, in the lead up to the state election, March 2013, the Liberal Party is again campaigning on the promise to build Roe 8. However you vote, the Save Beeliar Wetlands Campaign asks that you vote for the wetlands!

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