Dom Mariani (The Stems) supports ‘Save Beeliar Wetlands’

“Growing up in Fremantle, we visited Bibra Lake often for family picnics, we loved feeding the water birds and catching gambusia in the Lake. I did the same things with my kids not that long ago. It would be a real shame to lose or even damage these Lakes and Wetlands.

These Lakes and Wetlands are so unique and important to our heritage and to the ecology of the area, and should be protected at all cost for all, and most importantly future generations. Once they’re gone,…they are gone forever.”

Dom Mariani (The Stems)

We ‘re proud to have a team of champions of the wetlands supporting our cause. These sports stars, writers, musicians and local and national celebrities have rallied behind the Save Beeliar Wetlands campaign to join us in our stand against Roe 8.

We’d like to thank our superstars for their ongoing support and commitment – and for recognising that the Beeliar Wetlands are precious, and deserve our combined efforts to protect the area.

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